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4 Benefits of reading Surah Al-Hijr Everyday

The fifteenth chapter of the Quran is titled Surah Al-Hijr (Arabic: الحِجْرْ‎ ). The 99 verse long surah is called “The Stoneland” or even “The City of Stone” in English. It takes its name from the 80th verse. Allah (SWT) says: “وَلَقَدْ كَذَّبَ أَصْحَـٰبُ ٱلْحِجْرِ ٱلْمُرْسَلِين” which translates to “Surely the people of al-Hijr also rejected the Messengers, calling them liars.” It is a Makki Surah. In this article we shall discover its virtues and benefits.

What does Al-Hijr mean?

According to the majority of Muslim scholars, Al-Hijr refers to the city of Thamud who are the people of Prophet Salih (pbuh). The tribe of Thamud resided in the valley of Al-Hijr and they were renowned for their astonishing architecture and craftsmanship. They were sinners however and worshipped idols rejecting Prophet’s Salih prophecy and message. Hence, they were tormented and punished and their tribe was destroyed.

What does Surah Al-Hijr talk about?

Although the name of the Surah refers to the people of Prophet Salih (pbuh) Thamud, Surah Al-Hijr explores more themes than only that. Throughout the Surah, Allah (SWT) comforts Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) by reminding him and ultimately us of the previous prophets and how they had to deal with disbelievers. God Almighty reminds us as well that He is the most merciful and His chastisement is also severe.

Things we can learn from Surah Al-Hijr

As many other Surat in the Quran, we can learn from Surah Al- Hijr the following:

  • It is impossible to change or manipulate the Quran.
  • God Almighty is the most powerful and creator of all things.
  • Allah (SWT) punishes those who deserve punishment and they serve as example for others to learn from.
  • Disbelievers will regret their wrong deeds on the Day of Judgment but it will be too late.
  • Allah is the most merciful and forgiving but He is also severe in His torment and punishment.
  • A way to ease grief is by reciting Dhikr and Remembering Allah (SWT).

Benefits of reading Surah Al-Hijr

  • According to the prophet (pbuh), whoever reads this Surah will be granted a reward equal to the number of Ansar and Muhajirin (companions of the prophet (pbuh)).
  • Reading Surah Al-Hijr can also help a mother produce milk to breastfeed her child.
  • When written and worn, it can help make the business of its wearer thrive more.
  • It can also protect valuables stored in a safe.


Surah Al-Hijr is quite impactful as it provided comfort and encouragement for Prophet Muhammed (pbuh). Hence, it is important to read it and try to grasp its meaning. The Quran is rich with wisdom and life lessons so let’s take time to learn those in this Surah and benefit from it.

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