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Surah Dhariyat : Virtues and Benefits of reading it

Surah Dhariyat (zariyat) is the 51st chapter (Surah) in the Quran. It is part of the Makki Surat and contains 60 verses. As many other Surat, it has many benefits and virtues which we will explore in this article.surah al-dhariyat - first 22 verses

What does Dhariyat mean?

Dhariyat or “The Scatterers” (spelt zariyat in some countries) which is the title of the Surah is derived from its first verse. It refers to scattering/ winnowing winds.

Allah (SWT) says:“وَالذّٰرِيٰتِ ذَرۡوًا”

Which translates to: “By the winds which scatter dust”.

What does It talk about?

The Surah primarily discusses the Hereafter and resurrection, concluding with Tauhid (unification of Allah (SWT)) invitation. It also tackles stories of some prophets and their nations to warn people that rejecting Prophet Muhammed’s prophecy and message would only lead to tragic consequences. 

Surah Dhariyat lessons

The following are lessons we can deduce from this chapter:

  • Muslims are reassured by God Almighty that he will keep his promises to them in this life and the next.
  • Everything surrounding us and even within ourselves shows how powerful and great Allah is.
  • Believers who fear Allah admit their flaws and constantly ask the Almighty for forgiveness.
  • Both humans and Jinn have counterparts for Allah created us all in pairs.
  • We were only created by Allah for worship.

Benefits of reading Surah Dhariyat:

There are many merits and benefits from reading Surat Al-Dhariyat which can be summarized in the following points:

  • Whoever reads this Surah at night or day; Allah would support their sustenance, light up their grave until the Day of Judgment, and give them ten times as many virtues during their lifetime as there are winds blowing.
  • Surah Dhariyat helps a sick person and eases up the pain.
  • It also facilitates a pregnant woman’s labor.
  • It also provides a dying person a peaceful death.

To conclude, Surah Dhariyat is another miracle of the Quran that provides many life changing lessons. We encourage every Muslim to read it and benefit from its merits.

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