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About us

In The Name of Allah The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

First and foremost, we bid you welcome to our humble Islamic community. Islamwp.com is an Islamic website created in November 2022 in hopes of sharing authentic and instructive information about our fascinating religion and all that concerns it such as Islamic rituals, Quran and its Surat, Sunnah, Muslims around the world and others. We do our best to clarify and explain controversial issues surrounding Islam and Islamic ruling on certain debatable topics.

Who we are

We are a humble group of young Muslims who try their hardest to shed light on the graceful beauty and wonder Islam holds and brings to this world. We are self-funded and non-profit. All we seek is spreading Islamic awareness for both Muslims and Non-Muslims.

Our Goal

The aim behind this website is to expand your knowledge about Islam and encourage you to learn more and deepen your connection with Allah (SWT). We hope to answer questions and make it easier for people from all around the world to comprehend this captivating religion for it is the right one. We want to promote and provide an accurate representation of Islam for all intrigued people about Islam and Muslims.

Our Writing process

We only provide credible information after thorough research and examination. All topics discussed in this website were rigorously investigated from authentic sources only.

If you find any mistakes however or question any sort of information, please contact us to settle the issue. We are humans after all and humans are prone to making mistakes. May Allah forgive us all.

Contact us

For questions, suggestions and inquiries. You are encouraged to contact us via this email: [email protected]

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