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The Quran Web App is a user-friendly application that allows users to browse the Quran with ease. The app allows users to select surahs, fonts, translations/editions, and navigate through ayahs.


  • Users can select a surah from the list of 114 surahs(chapters) available in the app.
  • Users can select from multiple font options to personalize their reading experience.
  • Users can choose from multiple translations/editions in different languages, including Arabic and English.
  • The app allows users to navigate through ayahs(verses) easily.

Quran app from islamwp.com

You can access the Quran at https://islamwp.com/quran/

For developers:

These files can be used to quickly and easily develop Quranic applications.

Quran js File: Developers can use the Quran file provided by the app to develop their own Quran-based applications. The file contains the complete text of the Quran, along with metadata such as the surah name, ayah number, and verse text (in English/Arabic). The file can be easily integrated into any application and used to display Quranic text.

Quran List Array: The Quran List Array file contains an array of all the 114 surahs in the Quran. Each surah has a unique ID, name in Arabic and English, and the meaning of the name, and the numbers of verses for each chapter(surah). This file can be used to display a list of surahs and allow users to select the one they want to read.

Main contributors:

We thank Khaled Sakhai for developing and deploying the app, in addition to his contributions in improving the SEO and visibility of the website. Khaled’s hard work and dedication have been instrumental in the success of our project, and we are truly grateful for his efforts.

We would also like to extend our gratitude to Islamic Network for providing the API for Quran translations/editions used in our Quran web app. Their contribution has made it possible for us to provide our users with a wide variety of translations in multiple languages.

For questions and suggestions, please contact us at: [email protected]