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benefits of Surat At-Taghabun [protection from Allah]

The Quran‘s 64th surah is Surah At-Taghbun, also known as “Mutual Dispossession” or “Mutual Loss and Gain” in English. It has 18 verses and is considered one of the Al-Musabbihat Surat/ The praisers (Surat which start with praise to Allah (SWT)) since it starts with glorification and praise to Allah Almighty. Surah At Taghabun derives its name from its 9th verse and is a Medinan Surah. Throughout this article, we will explain its meaning and the benefits of reading it.

What does At-Taghabun mean?

As we have already explained, Surah At-Taghabun takes its name from its 9th verse. Allah (SWT) says: “يَوْمَ يَجْمَعُكُمْ لِيَوْمِ ٱلْجَمْعِ ۖ ذَٰلِكَ يَوْمُ ٱلتَّغَابُن” which translates to “˹Consider˺ the Day He will gather you ˹all˺ for the Day of Gathering—that will be the Day of mutual loss and gain.” From this verse, it is evident that the word At-Taghabun refers to the Day of Judgment or Day of Gathering. 

Why is it called Mutual loss and gain?

Verse 9 of the Surah portrays the Day of Judgment as the day of mutual loss and gain. How so? Because on the Day of Judgment, Believers will be the winners and disbelievers will be the losers. Both groups of people will face the outcome of their action: one would be a proud gain and that is an eternity in paradise while the other is a regrettable loss which is an eternity in hell.

What does Surah At-Taghabun talk about?

Naturally, Surah At-Taghabun tackles the day of resurrection. Yet, its main theme is an invitation to believe and obey Allah (SWT). Muslims are asked to make good deeds too as they will be rewarded.

Things to learn:

There are many lessons which can be learned from this Surah and they are:

  • Allah (SWT) is the creator of everything and he has the ultimate power.
  • Allah (SWT) is perfect in his creations.
  • Everything happens for a reason according to His plan even the creation of this universe and its end.
  • God Almighty created us humans and gave us a choice to make between good and evil. It is our responsibility to make the right choice
  • On the Day of Judgment, both believers and disbelievers will be acknowledged and rewarded with what they deserve.
  • Children and wealth can be a test from Allah so we should be patient.
  • God appreciates those who spend in His way by forgiving their sins and rewarding them.

Benefits of reading Surah At-Taghabun

  • It provides protection from evil people and tyrants.
  • It also provides protection from sudden death.
  • The Surah would claim paradise for everyone who reads it during a Fard prayer (obligatory prayer).


Surah At-Taghabun is a Surah that reminds us to make the right choices in life so that we do not regret our life decisions on the Day of Judgment. So, it is necessary to read it to strengthen our connection with Allah (SWT) and our faith.

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