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Is Islam really the perfect religion? Here’s Why!

There are arguably more 4000 religions in the world. So, what makes Islam any different than the others? Simply, because it is flawless. However you look at it, Islam is a flawless and ideal religion promoting only good deeds and condemning the bad ones. The essence of Islam is its holy book the Quran. If you read it carefully, you will be more than mesmerized by all the wisdom and insight it offers.

Not only does it provide a correct and virtuous life style for Muslims, but it also explores the mysteries of human existence itself. The Quran is miraculously a treasure trove of knowledge and mind-blowing information that science is yet to discover.

Regrettably, people tend to make assumptions and judgements about Islam based on Muslims. That is a grave misunderstanding of Islam. Islam is more than humans; it is the truth and voice of Allah (SWT). Muslims are not perfect, Islam is. The Islamic religion is eternally devoid of contradictions or inconsistencies for it is chosen by the one and only God. He says:

“Indeed, the religion in the sight of Allah is Islam” (Surah Ali Imran 3:19).

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