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Why do Muslims mention Abraham in their prayer?

All of the prophets mentioned in the Quran made great efforts to carry out the sacred mission that Allah had given them. Muslims must have faith in all of God’s chosen prophets because they convey his message in its original, untouched form. Nevertheless, Ibrahim (pbuh) is the only one mentioned during prayer alongside Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) and that is during Ibrahimiyya Prayer (also known as Tashahud El-Ibrahimi and Durood Ibrahim). Thus, who is this prophet and why is he mentioned during salat Ibrahimiya?

Who is Prophet Ibrahim?

Prophet Ibrahim is one of the five Ulu’l-Azm Prophets. In Islam, he is given the title of Father of Prophets. He is regarded by Muslims as one of the Prophet Muhammad’s ancestors. Prophet Muhammad and his followers considered him as the founder of their faith.

Prophet Ibrahim is also known as Prophet Abraham in Christianity and Judaism. This only shows the powerful influence he had as a prophet to be acknowledged in three religions.

Reasons behind Muslims mentioning Ibrahim in their prayers

In the Quran, Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh) is referred to as the Imam (leader) of humanity (Al Quran 2:124), which is an honor given to no other but him. Further, after Prophet Muhammad, Ibraahim (pbuh) is the best Prophet and Messenger since Allah has taken him as a close friend “And Allah did take Ibrahim (Abraham) as a Khaleel (an intimate friend)” [an-Nisa’ 4:125]. Additionally, all Prophets who followed him were descended from him, and Muslims, Christians, and Jews all hold him in high regard. Moreover, it proves that the message of Prophet Muhammad is not separate from the revelation that Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh) and all the Prophets who followed him received

For last but not least, It was also reported that after completing the construction of the Ka’bah, Ibrahim (pbuh) prayed for the Ummah of Muhammad (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him), saying: O Allah, give him greetings from me whoever makes pilgrimage to this House from the Ummah of Muhammad. His family and children are also said to have offered this supplication. Therefore, in gratitude to their generous deed, Muslims are told to remember them in their prayer.

Ibrahim (pbuh) is a prophet who was put through great hardships by Allah, and in spite of these things, he was shown to be a servant who kept his word and consistently had a decent attitude. Therefore, he is a prophet that has long lasting impact on not only Muslims but also Jews and Christians.

1 Ulu'l-azm refers to the messengers of Allah who had a strong determination and persisted in carrying out the
tasks Allah had instructed.

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