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Surah Al-Layl: lessons and benefits

Having only 21 verses, Surah Al Layl is actually the ninth Surah revealed by God (SWT) to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). This Makki Surah is the ninety-second Surah in juz’ thirty of the current Quranic compilation, and is part of the Mufassalat Surat (a short Surah of the Quran with many breaks between them). This article is dedicated to explain its lessons and benefits.

What does Al-Layl mean?

Layl or Lail in the Arabic language is translated to “night” in English. In light of this, Surah Al-Lyl is also known as “The Night” and this title originates from the Surah’s first verse. Allah (SWT) says: “By the night when it covers” (Surah Lail 92:1).

What does Surah Al-Layl talk about?

Although the Surah starts with a series of three oaths, the first being that of the night, it mainly focuses on the two distinct paths humans are prone to take. There are those who choose the path of virtue, charity and good action while there are those who do not. The Surah further highlights their strikingly different ends. God Almighty (SWT) says: “Surely the ends you strive for are diverse” (Surah Al-Layl 92:4).

Lessons to learn from Surah Al-Layl

As explained in the previous element, Surah Al-Layl emphasizes the importance of being good and charitable. Here are the most important lessons to learn from this Surah:

  • The key to an easy comfortable life is compassion and giving charity.
  • Being miserly and arrogant can only lead to misfortune.
  • Whatever exists in this life and the next belongs to Allah (SWT).
  • Giving donations purifies the soul.
  • When doing good, do it for the sake of Allah for He (SWT) will reward you more for
    your pure intention.

Benefits of Surah Al- Layl

The holy Prophet (PBUH) is said to have explained the virtue of this Surah as follows: “He who recites it (Surah lail) Allah awards him so much so that he is satisfied, and He protects him from toil, and makes (the path of his life) smooth for him.”


There is no doubt that being a good Muslim encompasses many good qualities such as being charitable. Surah Layl not only stresses the importance of giving charity but also the pure intention of doing so as Almighty says: “who donate ‘some of’ their wealth only to purify themselves, not in return for someone’s favors, but seeking the pleasure of their Lord, the Most High. They will certainly be pleased.” (Surah Al-Layl 92:18-21). This is why, we should all strive to be good people and help each other since it not only builds a better community but also grants us Allah’s mercy and benediction.

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